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White Papers and other published material

Photograph of a plain CD by Simon Cataudo from Stock Exchange used with thanks.

Image by Simon Cataudo


Papers prepared for clients or prepared on behalf of clients:

Peak Intelligence regards the security and confidentiality of client projects as paramount. Therefore, we are unable to publish material on each and every project undertaken. However, in a limited number of cases, our clients give permission for us to publish material or publish it themselves.

In early 2005, we spent some time working with an innovative company developing cryogenically cooled amplifier systems for radio networks. Below are two white papers prepared to illustrate the advantages of these subsystems with two distinct types of cellular technology.  Cryo Systems Limited have given their permission to reproduce these papers:

TDMA Position Paper (A4) or TDMA Position Paper (US Letter)

WCDMA Position Paper (A4) or WCDMA Position Paper (US Letter)


Late in 2005 we assisted a partner company in performing technical due diligence for a start-up wireless broadband operator. As a small distraction from this exercise, a brief explanation of the benefits of symmetric broadband networks was produced and this is reproduced on the operator's web site.


Photograph of a speaker at a conference in North America.  This image 'Speaker' was contributed to stock exchange (sxc.hu) by Andy Hayward.

Image by Andy Hayward


Papers prepared for conferences:

'Demystifying Wireless Communication for Trains' - presented by Ian Beeby at the BWCS Train Communications Conference in London on 7th June 2006.  A PDF version of the presentation can be found here and a PDF version with notes pages is here.

On 6th June 2007 at the second BWCS Train Communications Conference, a paper was presented and the PDF version can be found here in A4 format and here in US Letter format.

These papers are Copyright Peak Intelligence Ltd, all rights reserved. Permission must be sought from Peak Intelligence Ltd before this material is published in any form.


Papers prepared for journals:

'Making the Business Case for Internet on Trains' - prepared for EURAILmag Edition 17 by Ian Beeby with publication date March 2008.  Read the paper on the EURAILmag site here or use the on-line flash viewer below.  A PDF version of the article can be found here.

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