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Our Associates

Peak Intelligence operates by cooperating with a number of associate companies and individuals.  This cooperation allows us to provide a range of services that exceeds the experience of our employees for particular projects.  In the same way, we provide associate resources to the companies with whom we cooperate, thereby keeping utilisation high and costs to a minumum.

Below are the CVs of some of our associate consultants.  For further details, please contact us.

#1: Senior Associate Consultant

A highly experienced management consultant with a wide portfolio of experience in industries ranging from telecommunications through banking to music publishing and distrubution.  This talented multi-linugal consultant is available for business strategy and business re-engineering assignments.

Click here for the CV in pdf format.

#2: Senior Associate Consultant - Safety Critical

A highly experienced embedded Safety and Mission Critical system and software manager and developer. With over 17 years of experience in DO-178, IEC 61508 (and derivatives), and Def Stan 00-56 management and development, this consultant is available to Manage, Advise, and Support System or Software developments

Click here for the CV in pdf format.

  Page updated on April 20, 2010